We are open again on 25th of May! Come and enjoy our great cuisine. We look forward to see you again!

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Ground fl.: +420 224 813 874
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Ground floor menu.

Cold Treasures

100 gVenison pate with cranberries (1,3,7,8,12)145 CZK
150 gSteak tartar + 4 pieces of fried bread (1,3,7,12)285 CZK
50 gSmoked salmon with spinach leaves and olives, lemon, roasted baguette (1,3,4)165 CZK
100 gPickled Hermelin cheese with onion, garlic, walnuts and hot pepper (7,8)110 CZK
1 pcPickled sausage roulade with onion (12)95 CZK
100 gMozzarella with tomatoes, olive oil and basil served with roasted baguette (1,3,7)145 CZK
200 gCheese platter garnished with grapes and nuts (7,8)210 CZK
Lard, pastry (1,3,7)60 CZK


3 dclStrong beef broth with meat and noodles (1,3,7)60 CZK
3 dclHomemade sauerkraut soup with sausage (1,3,7,12)65 CZK
3 dclOld-Czech garlic soup (smoked pork, champignons, egg, croutons and cheese) (1,3,12)65 CZK
3 dclCream of spinach leaves with fried croutons and grated Parmesan cheese (1,3)70 CZK

Warm Treasures

200 gGratinated grilled aubergine whith Balkan cheese (7,8)165 CZK
100 gBroiled duck liver with red wine and almonds (8)175 CZK

Large Salads

400 gLarge vegetable salad with chicken and French dressing (7)195 CZK
400 gGrilled salmon steak laid on vegetables with herbs dressing, lemon (4,7)235 CZK

Small Salads

200 gMixed vegetable salad with creamy dressing and olive oil (7)80 CZK
200 gBalkan salad with cheese and olives (7)90 CZK

Czech Cuisine

200 gBudweiser Goulash (sirloin of beef goulash), dumplings, potato pancakes, fried eggs, horseradish (1,3,7)385 CZK
200 gBoar goulash with potato pancakes, White-bread dumplings, horseradish, onion (1,3)275 CZK
200 gBeef sirloin in cream sauce, lemon disc with cranberries and white-bread dumplings (1,3,7,9,10)270 CZK
200 gPeasant´s roasted pork chuck, Moravian cabbage and potato dumplings (1,3)255 CZK

Dishes from the Water Realm

1 pcsRoasted trout in almond crust (3,4,7,8)250 CZK
200 gGrilled salmon steak served with leaf spinach and herb butter (4,7)345 CZK
200 gZander grilled with fresh herbs (4,7) 295 CZK

Meat-free Dishes

350 gMixed grilled vegetables with cheese and olive oil (aubergine, courgettes, sweet peppers, Feta cheese, dried tomatoes) (7)235 CZK
150 gFried cheese variance, homemade tartar sauce (1,3,7)205 CZK
350 gPotato pancakes by culinary master with grilled vegetables and fried egg (1,3)205 CZK
300 gWild mushroom risotto with cream and cheese (7)215 CZK

Old-Czech Cuisine

Old-Czech platter á la Bušek of Bezdružice – for 2+ persons – typical Czech dishes (roasted duck, roasted marinated ribs, pork knuckle roasted in caraway, roasted drumsticks, smoked and roasted chuck steak, red and white cabbage, spinach, speck, potato and white-bread dumplings, potato pancakes) (1,3,7,10,12)780 CZK
700 gRoyal platter (1/4 of duck, pork, smoked pork with white cabbage and leaf spinach) (1,3,7,12)310 CZK
1/2Temptation (1/2 of crispy roasted duck with white and red cabbage) (1,3,7,12)330 CZK
1 pcsElias’s brace (pork knuckle roasted on caraway served with cabbage), bread (1,3,7,9,10)295 CZK
800 gRomanesque delight (roasted marinated ribs with horseradish and mustard), bread (1,3,7,9,10)315 CZK


200 gSpicy chicken mix (chicken, onion,chilli, pepper, leek, garlic, soy sauce) (6) 195 CZK
200 gGrilled turkey steak with hot sauce to taste - (pepper, mushroom, provencal) (1,7) 235 CZK
200 gStuffed turkey breast (mozzarella, dried tomatoes, spinach) (7)245 CZK
200 gFried chicken steak, cucumber, lemon (1,3,7)195 CZK
200 gSt. Sigismund bust (breast of chicken with herbs and leaf spinach) (1,3,7)220 CZK

Pork meat

200 gPork loin volutes on skewer with duck liver,onion and bacon,bell peppers (1,12)265 CZK
300 gPork loin in pepper crust (1,7)310 CZK
200 gPork loin in potato pancake with cabbage salad with horseradish (1,3)265 CZK
300 gLast judgment (pork loin with roasted onion and bacon) (1)310 CZK

Our Master of the Hunt´s Venison

200 gDeer tenderloin with cranberry sauce (7)385 CZK
200 gWild boar loin with mushroom sauce and cream (1,7)355 CZK


250 gBurly Bořivoj´s beefsteak with speck beans (1,12)480 CZK
250 gExcalibur (beefsteak with duck liver and quail eggs) (1,3)480 CZK
250 gMaster Vaclav’s gradual (beefsteak on crushed pepper with cream sauce) (1,7)480 CZK
250 gAntependium (beefsteak with herb butter) (1,7)480 CZK

Dishes for Two Wayfarers

500 gSkewer for two made from three kinds of meat (pork loin, beef sirloin, turkey, mushrooms, zucchini, onion, tomatoes and bell peppers) (1,12)595 CZK
500 gLady Berta´s grilled meat (pork loin, beef sirloin, chicken breast, specially grilled steaks with warm vegetables and herb butter) (1,7,12)595 CZK


250 gRoasted potatoes garlic dressing (7)60 CZK
250 gOld-Czech mashed potatoes (with onion and leek) (7)50 CZK
250 gRosemary potatoes browned (garlic and onion) (7)50 CZK
200 gBoiled potatoes (7)45 CZK
200 gChips (1,3)50 CZK
200 gCroquettes (1,3)50 CZK
200 gJasmine rice45 CZK
250 gPotato pancakes (1,3,7)60 CZK
200 gWhite-bread dumplings (1,3,7)45 CZK
200 gPotato dumplings (1,3)45 CZK
200 gSpeck dumplings (1,3,7,12)45 CZK
200 gGrilled vegetables105 CZK
150 gWhite cabbage (1,12)40 CZK
150 gRed cabbage (1)40 CZK
150 gLeaf spinach45 CZK
200 gGreen beans with bacon (12)85 CZK
50 gHorseradish20 CZK
100 gGherkin20 CZK
2 pcsFried bread (1,3)20 CZK
1 pcsRoasted baguette (1,3)20 CZK
1 pcsBread (1,3)10 CZK

Cold Sauces

Tartar sauce (3,7)40 CZK
Garlic dip (7)40 CZK
Herb dip (7)45 CZK
French dip (7)45 CZK

Warm sauces

Pepper sauce (1,7)50 CZK
Mushroom sauce (1,7)50 CZK
Cranberry sauce (7)50 CZK

Warm and Cold desserts

Charles’s pancake with fruit, ice-cream, liquor, whipped cream and chocolate (1,3,7)125 CZK
Griddle cakes with blueberries (1,3,7)125 CZK
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream (1,3,7,8)125 CZK
Vanilla ice-cream with warm raspberries (3,7)125 CZK
Iceman from Svojšín (3 kinds of ice-cream, fruits, liquor, chocolate and whipped cream) (3,7)125 CZK
Tiramisu (1,3,7)125 CZK


100 gRoasted almonds with salt (8)90 CZK
Menu box10 CZK

Half of portion is charget at 75 % of standard prices.

Gift vouchers can be purchased from our staff.

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